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Dr. Frederick W. Carroll, Pastor

December 2017

Dear Friends,

Let me share with you the following poem by Georgia Knick Horne—“The Greatest Gift”.

(see 2 Corinthians 9:15)


You ask what I’m wanting for Christmas,                   And since this great Gift I’ve accepted

    What gift I would like to acquire-                                  To me God has given, beside,

A gift that would thrill my whole being                        A life never ending, eternal;

    And satisfy every desire.                                                  A promise with Him to abide.

 Well, just such a Gift has already                                   He gives sweetest peace ‘mid life’s conflict,

    Been given-and it is my own;                                            In days filled with peril and fear;

For no greater gift could be given                                   Gives joy day by day in His service;

    And no greater love could be shown                                In sorrow gives comfort and cheer.

 Then when God the Father gave Jesus,                          His presence is with me each moment;

    His only, His well-belov’d Son,                                            He satisfies fully my needs,

To suffer in my place on Calv’ry,                                        Gives grace for each test, bears my burdens;

    To pay for the sins I had done.                                             And gently my footsteps He Leads.

 O Gift over all gifts transcending!                                     What gift could I ask, then, beside Him?

    O Gift dear and precious, divine!                                        Could man such a Gift e’er afford?

Unspeakable Gift God has given                                         Oh, no! God in mercy has given

    To all who believe-and He’s mine!                                       The greatest Gift-Jesus my Lord!

A Merry Christ-Centered Christmas to you all.

Mrs. Carroll and I wish each of you a blessed and rejoicing Christmas season as we all praise and thank the Heavenly Father for sending  Jesus to die for our Salvation (John 3:16).







Pastor Frederick W. Carroll


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