Oct 282018

Pastor Mike Davidson and his wife Carolyn.

October 2018

“To strengthen their hands in the work
of the house of God”
Ezra 6:22

God is raising up a people to reach the world for Christ. They already know the language. They’ve grown up in the culture. They rest in dependence upon the Spirit of God for working out their faith in holiness of a daily walk with God. We have partnered together with Christian men and ministries which have a track record of faithfulness. God has given these men a burden for reaching their own people with the glorious gospel of Christ. Carolyn and I have been called to serve these choice servants of Christ in God’s harvest field. Our mission will be to come alongside of them in partnership to assist in the process of training the next generation of indigenous Christian leaders. Please join us in prayer that God would use us to strengthen the hands of our brethren in the work of reaching their countrymen for Christ.