Astounding Facts about the Exodus


How many people were there?

According to Numbers 1:45-46 there were more than 600,000 fighting men. Add to that an equal number of women, plus an average of four children per family (remember, the Egyptians were afraid because the Israelites were multiplying so rapidly, Exodus 1:7-10), and the population looks like this:

Men ……………. 600,000
Woman ……….. 600,000
Children ………. 2,400,000
Total …………… 3,600,000

How long a column would that make?

Marching 50 abreast, it would stretch for 40 miles into the desert. At a modest pace of 2 ½ miles per hour, the people would require more than 16 hours to pass by the same point.

How much food and water did the people require?

Just to provide the minimum ration of food and water for the people (not including provisions for their animals) would take the equivalent of 30 boxcars of food and 300 tank cars of water every day of their 40 year journey.