Bible Classes


Sanctuary Class
This class focuses on teaching and discussing God’s love for us and His plan for our lives.  The emphasis through the years has been the absolute necessity for one to be born again through spiritual rebirth and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Young Adults
The young adult ministry offers a variety of opportunities for worship, Bible study, personal and spiritual growth, recreation, and fellowship.

At the heart of the young adult ministry is the desire to help individuals build a strong, rewarding relationship within the group as well as within the church family. It is a place where one can come and find a whole new group of caring friends as well as God’s love.

This class uses a discussion format to examine contemporary issues and problems in light of scripture. Serious probing, examination, and questioning of issues and biblical texts are strongly encouraged.

The curriculum covers studies of the Bible in the Old and New Testaments, blending lectures with discussion and active participation.  This age group becomes familiar with using their Bibles and begins learning how to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  God’s plan of salvation is presented to this age group and they develop a good understanding of what baptism is and how they grow in service with the church after salvation and baptism.

We focus on learning the books of the Bible and start learning about the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.  This age group also begins learning Bible memory verses as well as the foundation for God’s plan of salvation, leading to salvation, baptism and service in the church.

The preschool class consists of easy introduction to Bible stories, a healthy blend of art, music and playtime.  This class gives the youngsters a good solid foundation upon which to build their spiritual lives.